Bohol’s Aumentado Scores Poor in Fight vs Graft and Corruption: HNU Poll

The Provincial Government of Bohol has been rated by the Boholanos with a +1 performance rating in the fight against graft and corruption in 2024, a 15-point drop from the +16 rating in the April-May 2023 Bohol Poll Survey.

The Bohol Poll 2024 survey was publicly presented on May 3, 2024 at the Holy Name University media centre in Tagbilaran City and was conducted by the Holy Name University Research Center and Publications.

The Bohol Poll 2024 survey was conducted over the period from March 23 to April 22, 2024, with a total sample size of 400 adult respondents across Bohol. 

Each district had 100 respondents, and Tagbilaran City, which is part of District 1, also had 100 respondents.

The provincial government’s fight against graft and corruption this year was rated -20 in Tagbilaran, -8 in District 1, while it received a +7 rating in District 2 and a +6 rating in District 3.

The lowest rating of -4 came from the age group 35 to 44, while the highest rating of +30 came from the age group 18 to 24. 

The Class ABC and Class E economic classes rated it -10 and -11 respectively, while the Class D economic class gave it a +6 rating.

The provincial government of Bohol also saw a drop in its performance rating for the program Ensuring Adequate Food Supply, which received a +29 rating this year, a six-point drop from the +35 rating in 2023.

Bohol investments program also saw a drop in rating to +41 this year compared to the +46 rating in 2023.

Protecting Life and Property program saw a one-point drop to +42 this year from +43 in 2023, and Promoting Tourism program saw a one-point drop to +58 this year from +59 in 2023.

Meanwhile, the performance rating of the provincial government of Bohol for its programs in Protecting the Environment saw an increase to +48 this year from +40 in 2023, and Providing Support to Agriculture maintained its +41 rating this year.

The provincial government maintained its Providing for Livelihood Opportunities and Employment program with a +43 performance rating.

The Bohol Poll used the SWS Terminology for satisfaction rating, with +70 and above being “excellent”, +50 to +60 being “very good”, +10 to +29 being “moderate”, +9 to -9 being “neutral”, -10 to 29 being “poor”, -30 to -49 being “bad”, -50 to -69 being “very bad” and -70 and below being “execrable”.


Meanwhile, President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr.’s performance rating has taken a hit, plummeting to a -8 net satisfaction rating in the Bohol Poll 2024 survey.

Marcos, who had previously secured a +61% rating in the April-May Bohol Poll 2023 survey, has seen a significant drop of 69 points to -8 in this year’s Bohol Poll survey.

Meanwhile, Vice-President and Department of Education Secretary Sara Duterte’s satisfaction rating stands at +62, a decrease from last year’s +75, marking a 13-point decline.

Duterte has managed to secure a “great majority” with +74% of respondents expressing satisfaction with her performance, while 8% were dissatisfied and 22% remained undecided, according to the Bohol Poll.

Class E respondents gave Duterte a net approval of 85%; 82% from the 18-24 age group; and 71% from the third district. However, in Tagbilaran City, she received the lowest rating of 30%.

As for Marcos, one-third or 35% of respondents were satisfied with his performance, while 43% expressed dissatisfaction, resulting in a net rating of -8. The undecided respondents stood at 22%, according to the Bohol Poll 2024.

Marcos’ rating is the only negative one received by an official, whether local or national, in the Bohol Poll survey conducted from March 23 to April 22, 2024.

President Marcos received a positive response from the 2nd district and class E with ratings of +8 and +23 respectively.

In the Bohol Poll 2024, all variables where the net was negative and the highest rating came from urban areas at -24, with the lowest being -1 in the 16-24 age group.


Governor Aumentado has publicly criticized The Bohol Tribune, accusing the newspaper of biased reporting and damaging its own reputation in the process.

“Hahahaha, it’s true, Sir Willy, the writer of The Bohol Tribune doesn’t know how to calculate,” said Aumentado, replying to a post by social media propagandist Willy Ramasola, in reaction to Aumentado’s huge drop in performance rating.

Ramasola himself is facing a string of cyberlibel cases in Manila and Bohol courts, and several warrants of arrest had been issued against him.

According to HNU survey, at least 40 percent of Boholanos are dissatisfied with the governor’s performance amidst allegations of massive corruption, lack of direction, and poor leadership. 

Of those survyed, 22 percent were also undecided whether they approve or disapprove Aumentado’s performance.

The latest HNU Poll result was a first in Bohol history for a governor to suffer huge drop in performance ratings on his first term since elected as governor in 2022 against then Gov. Art Yap. 

“They don’t mind ruining their newspaper’s reputation as long as they can report negative news about us,” Aumentado attacked the paper.

Aumentado expressed his lack of surprise at the newspaper’s actions, citing the paper’s alleged constant criticism during the 2022 elections. 

“I’m not surprised by their actions, they’ve been attacking us since the 2022 elections,” he said.

The governor also pointed out that after the election, Aumentado said the newspaper failed to report on his achievements, allegedly implying a refusal to accept the truth. 

“After the election, they can hardly accept the truth,” Aumentado added.

“While other newspapers were busy congratulating the newly elected officials of Bohol, The Bohol Tribune,” according to Aumentado, “continued its criticism.”

“Other newspapers are busy congratulating the newly elected officials of Bohol, but they are still criticizing,” he said.

The governor’s statement has sparked a debate about media attacks by onion-skinned politicians and the role of journalism in politics. 

As of now, The Bohol Tribune has not responded to Governor Aumentado’s tirade, maintaining its commitment to truth and fairness in reporting.

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