Tagbilaran Mayor Orders Shutdown of Kombira Restaurant

In response to a customer’s complaint, Tagbilaran City Mayor Jane Cajes-Yap has taken action on the issue concerning Kombira Restaurant.

Mayor Yap, in an FB post, said: “Gi actionan nato ang usa ka reklamo mahitungod sa usa ka establishment. In Tagbilaran we are true to our commitment to a consultative and participative governance and we value the sentiments of our citizens.”

“Upon investigation, nakita sa atong (BPLO) Business Permits & Licensing Office nga kining maong business establishment walay Business Permit to operate for year 2024 and falsified a Mayor’s Permit in 2023. Karon dayon, naa na ni sila CLOSURE ORDER for their violations.”

She concluded her post: “We continue to work hand in hand with our Tagbilaran Citizens para ma hapsay ang atong syudad ug mapalig-on & protect sa atong mga legitimate business community nga maoy ga hatag ug trabaho sa atong mga katawhang Tagbilaranons.”

After a netizen’s complaint about an establishment in Tagbilaran went viral, Yap investigated whether the said establishment had a mayor’s permit.

Due to the alleged absence of business permit for 2024 and the alleged falsification of the 2023 Mayor’s Permit, the Mayor issued a closure order for the establishment.

Kombira became embroiled in the issue after a netizen posted about their horrible dining experience.

In a recent Facebook post, Kombira customer Rossie Qitt Alo-Morala expressed her disappointment over the service she and her family received at Kombira Sa Bohol, a popular seafood and native cuisine restaurant in Bohol.

The family had gathered for a surprise 60th birthday celebration for one of their aunts.

The event, organized by her children and in-laws, was expected to be a joyous occasion.

However, the family was left in disbelief by the treatment they received from the restaurant staff.

Despite the restaurant’s name, “Kombira,” which suggests a lively and friendly atmosphere, Alo-Morala reported a lack of customer service.

She described the staff’s behavior as rude and disrespectful, a stark contrast to the city’s reputation as the “City of Friendship.”

A reservation had been made for 20-25 people, with the possibility of more guests arriving.

Upon arrival, the family found a narrow table set up with pre-ordered food. When they tried to settle down, a staff member, presumably the manager or supervisor, insisted that only one table was reserved for them.

As the number of guests exceeded their expectations, the restaurant decided to charge per head, a detail not mentioned during the reservation. While the family was fine with this, they were taken aback by the additional charges that were not disclosed during the reservation.

Alo-Morala also highlighted several instances of poor service.

The restaurant did not lower the volume of their speakers during their prayer, despite a polite request.

Serving spoons were not provided on the food trays, and the birthday celebrant had to ask for them herself.

When another family arrived with desserts, the staff quickly counted heads but were cold and unaccommodating when they realized they were with Alo-Morala’s group.

The family was further disappointed when they asked for the bill.

They were charged a food corkage fee, which was not mentioned during the reservation.

When they inquired about the person they spoke to during the reservation, they were told that the person was working from home.

Alo-Morala ended her post by comparing their experience at Kombira Sa Bohol with other establishments where they had held celebrations.

She mentioned Fortridge Food Park and Reyna’s The Haven And Gardens, where they were properly accommodated.

“This incident serves as a reminder for businesses to uphold high standards of customer service, especially in the hospitality industry,” a netizen commented.


The management of Kombira Sa Bohol, a well-known local restaurant, has issued a public statement in response to recent customer feedback and concerns.

In the statement, the management expressed their regret over the incident, stating, “We are sincerely sorry to hear that your recent visit to our restaurant fell short of expectations. We understand how frustrating inconveniences can be, and we apologize for any disappointment you experienced.”

Addressing the specific issues raised by the customer, the management provided the following clarifications:

On the issue of payment, they stated, “For clarification, our records show that the ₱3,000 downpayment was deducted from the final bill, bringing the total amount due to ₱18,440. We apologize if there was any confusion regarding the bill.”

Regarding the food corkage policy, they explained, “Our policy only allows cakes and ice creams to be brought in without a corkage fee, and we confirm that we have already informed the customer about this beforehand. We apologize if the explanation regarding outside food wasn’t entirely clear. For future reference, a corkage fee applies to other desserts brought in.”

On the extra pax charge, they acknowledged, “We understand there may have been miscommunication about the additional charge for exceeding the 25-pax limit. We confirm that we informed the customer about this policy beforehand. We apologize if the reminder wasn’t reiterated during your visit.”

The management also emphasized their commitment to providing a positive dining experience, stating, “We remain committed to providing a positive dining experience for all our customers. We take such matters seriously and have addressed the employee’s conduct through termination. We are continuously training our staff to ensure they uphold the high standards of service our customers expect.”

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