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Bohol Governor Aumentado Receives Vice President Duterte’s Award for Anti-Poverty Efforts

MANILA (Bohol.News) – The Provincial Government of Bohol and its Governor, Aris Aumentado, have been honored with the Pasidungog Award by the Office of the Vice President of the Philippines, recognizing their significant contributions to poverty alleviation and social development initiatives.

The award, presented by Vice President Sara Duterte’s office, acknowledges Bohol’s extensive partnerships and support for programs targeting assistance to poor and marginalized individuals, as well as efforts in education and entrepreneurship promotion.

Suspended Governor Aris Aumentado, a member of the Nationalist People’s Coalition (NPC), has maintained a cordial working relationship with Vice President Duterte, who belongs to the Lakas–Christian Muslim Democrats (Lakas-CMD) party. Despite their different party affiliations, the two officials have found common ground in their commitment to local development and poverty reduction.

“This recognition underscores the importance of collaboration between local and national government agencies in addressing crucial socio-economic challenges,” said a spokesperson for the Office of the Vice President.

The Pasidungog Award highlights the provincial government’s active engagement with national initiatives, particularly those spearheaded by the Office of the Vice President.

Bohol’s programs have aligned closely with the administration’s priorities in poverty alleviation, education reform, and support for small businesses.

Political analysts view this cooperation as a positive sign of cross-party collaboration in Philippine politics, especially given the sometimes fractious nature of inter-party relations in the country.

“The partnership between Governor Aumentado and Vice President Duterte demonstrates that effective governance can transcend party lines,” noted Atty. Jordan Pizzaras, a political contender for congressman in Bohol’s First District.

Thime recognition comes as part of the Philippine government’s broader efforts to address economic disparities and promote inclusive growth across the country’s provinces. It also signals the increasing role of local governments in implementing national development strategies.

Capitol officials said the award is expected to bolster support for Bohol’s ongoing development projects and may lead to increased funding and resources from the national government for the province’s anti-poverty initiatives.