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Senator Risa Hontiveros Brings Mobile Health Clinic to Bohol

The Senator Risa Hontiveros mobile clinic which will serve the Typhoon Odette hit areas of Getafe, Talibon, Trinidad, Ubay, Tagbilaran City and Catigbian in Bohol starting January 25 will be staffed by doctors, nurses, radiologist, sinologist and medical technologist. The mobile clinic van is equipped with:
Mobile Xray with digitizer
Hematology and Chemical Analyzer
3 probe portable ultrasound
Electrocardiogram (ECG) Machine
Centrifuge, Microscope, Thermometer and Pulse Oximeter.

Based on past experience, the following can be done in 8-hour window: 150 bloodworks (FBS (fasting of 8-10 hours, cholesterol, HDL –c (good cholesterol, no need fasting), triglycerides , 10-12 hrs fasting, lipid profile, uric acid, 8 hrs fasting if monitoring, CBC, 100 Xrays ( Thoracolumbar, lumbosacral, femur, knee, skull, cervical are not included), 60 ultrasound and 100 ECG ( transvaginal and transrectal are not included, the rest are included, whole abdominal ultrasound requires fasting of 10 hours).
If interested, we need the following as counterparts for LGUs or hosts:

  1. Covered area to accommodate the mobile clinic and predetermined number of recipients
  2. Access to stable electric connection of at least 60 kilowatt
  3. Separate tent or enclosed space with bed for ECG
  4. Triage or long tables for registration
  5. Over the counter medicines
  6. 300 chairs for patients
  7. Food and drinks for the 20 medical staff and for patients who will undergo laboratory tests that need fasting
  8. Mobilization of BHWs
  9. Lodging for 8 mobile clinic staff
  10. Printing of registration forms

kadto gakinahanglan sa maong mga serbisyo, palihug lang contact sa RHU niining mga lugara:
Jan 25- Getafe
Jan 26 Talibon
Jan 27 Trinidad
Jan 28 Ubay
Jan 29 Candijay
Jan 30 Tagbilaran
Jan 31 Catigbian

Senator Risa Hontiveros cares for Bohol.

Mapasalamaton ang opisina ni Senator Risa Hontiveros sa mga mayor ug mga Municipal Health officers kauban sa ubang mga opisyales sa maong mga lungsod sa suporta niining programaha alang sa Kahimsog sa panglawas sa katawhan ilabi na sa mga naigo sa Bagyong Odette. (Press Release)

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