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Central Visayas Cuisine Takes Center Stage at UN Tourism Forum

CEBU, Philippines — The flavors of Central Visayas took the spotlight at a recent United Nations tourism event, showcasing the region’s culinary prowess on an international stage.

The UN Tourism Regional Forum on Gastronomy Tourism for Asia and the Pacific, held June 26-27 in Cebu, featured a standout performance by Executive Chef June Fernandez of Waterfront Airport Hotel and Casino.

Fernandez’s menu, presented during the “Eating Your Way Through the Philippines” lunch, was a gastronomic tour de force. It highlighted Central Visayas’ agricultural wealth and culinary traditions, reimagined through modern techniques.

The chef’s creations featured an array of local ingredients: kabog millet from Catmon, seafood from Bantayan, purple yam from Bohol, and coconut wine from Borbon. Cebu’s famed mangoes, local herbs, and cacao also made appearances.

“We wanted to show the world what Central Visayas has to offer,” Fernandez said. “Our region’s cuisine is a treasure trove of flavors waiting to be discovered.”

The event’s success is expected to boost Cebu’s reputation as a culinary destination, potentially driving tourism to the region.

Department of Tourism officials hope this showcase will encourage more visitors to explore the Philippines’ diverse food landscape.

“This forum has put our local cuisine on the map,” said a tourism department spokesperson. “We’re excited to see how this exposure translates into increased interest in our gastronomy tourism sector.”

As the aroma of Cebu’s cuisine lingers in the minds of international attendees, Central Visayas may soon find itself at the top of many food lovers’ travel lists.