AICS Money Scandal Drags Bohol Governor Aumentado

In the halls of Bohol’s Capitol, a scandal has surfaced, casting a shadow over the distribution of the Assistance to Individuals in Crisis Situation (AICS) funds—a lifeline for many in need.

Allegations of misappropriation have sparked a clamor for transparency and accountability.

The controversy came to light following a radio interview on DYTR, where Bohol whistleblower Ronnie Orillosa, a self-proclaimed guardian of the public trust, revealed troubling discrepancies in the allocation of AICS funds.

Orillosa’s revelation shared with broadcaster Ted Ayeng was a fulfillment of the former’s earlier promise that he would further unmask the corruption activities of Gov. Aris Aumentado.

According to Orillosa, the P10,000 earmarked for each beneficiary was being severely undercut, with a mere P3,000 reaching those in dire straits.

Orillosa pointed fingers at the Office of Governor Aris Aumentado and his cohorts, namely, Nelson Pon and Caroline Maniwang, accusing officials of diverting nearly 70% of the funds.

The gravity of the accusations has culminated in a formal petition demanding justice for the alleged financial diversion.

The whistleblower’s revelations have stirred the pot, with accusations that Bohol Capitol officials are stifling media coverage to keep the scandal under wraps.

Amidst this, a state of calamity has been declared—a move Orillosa decries as a smokescreen by the Sangguniang Panlalawigan to distract from the fiscal fiasco.

In a poignant appeal, Orillosa underscored the desperation of the Bol-anon people, who stand to lose vital government support.

He championed the cause of free speech and whistleblower protection, urging citizens to hold fast to their rights and demand transparency.

The AICS funds, sourced from national coffers, are intended to flow through the governor’s office to the populace.

Yet, Orillosa alleges a breach of this trust, suggesting a siphoning of funds by those at the helm.

The interview over DYTR radio concluded with a resounding call to action from Orillosa, seeking to bring the purported culprits to light and ensure they face the consequences of their actions.

As the Capitol remains silent, the public’s quest for answers persists.

About the AICS Program

The AICS program, administered by the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD), stands as a beacon of hope for Filipinos grappling with crises, disasters, or the grip of poverty. It offers a spectrum of support, including medical and burial assistance, transportation and educational aid, and provisions for food and essentials. This program is pivotal in bolstering the resilience of vulnerable communities across the Philippines.

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