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Bohol mayors want Pres. CPG road renamed to Erico Aumentado Highway

In a move that intertwines the legacy of public service with the everyday lives of Boholanos, the League of Municipalities of the Philippines – (LMP) Bohol Chapter has made a compelling case to President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr.

The request: to rename the Bohol Island Circumferential Road after the late Governor Erico Boyles Aumentado, eschewing the current designation for President Carlos P. Garcia.

The league’s president, Pres. CPG Mayor Fernando B. Estavilla, in a letter dated March 12, 2024, articulated the collective sentiment of the province’s 47 mayors.

“Erico Boyles Aumentado, in his 45 years of dedicated public service, has undeniably left a profound and lasting legacy to the people of Bohol,” Mayor Estavilla wrote.

He further implored, “Renaming the road to EBA Highway would not only pay tribute to Aumentado’s remarkable service but also serve as a constant reminder of his invaluable contributions to Bohol.”

The proposed renaming to “Erico Boyles Aumentado (EBA) Highway” is more than a symbolic gesture, the letter said.

It is a testament to Aumentado’s enduring contributions, including his efforts to improve infrastructure and public services during his tenure, the letter added.

The late representative’s name on the circumferential road would be a daily homage to his vision for the province’s progress, Estavilla said.

The unanimity among Bohol’s 47 mayors in supporting the renaming reflects a widespread recognition of Aumentado’s service and the impact of his policies on the province’s development, according to the letter to PBBM.

This consensus underscores the deep respect and admiration for Aumentado’s commitment to the Boholano community, a manifesto said.

The league’s manifesto, coupled with Mayor Estavilla’s direct appeal to the president, underscores a fervent desire to honor a man who shaped the province’s trajectory.

As the decision now rests with President Marcos, the people of Bohol await a resolution that aligns with their collective will, hoping to see their main thoroughfare bear the name of a beloved public servant.

The renaming would not only memorialize Aumentado’s contributions but also inspire future generations to uphold the values of integrity, dedication, and selflessness in public service, according to the manifesto signed by LMP-Bohol mayors.