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Buenavista Municipal High School Expands, Calls for Community Support

BUENAVISTA, Bohol – Buenavista Municipal High School, located in the heart of Buenavista, Bohol, has announced its enrollment for the upcoming school year, expanding its offerings to include Grade 9.

The school, which opened its doors a year ago, is currently equipped with built-in televisions and internet connectivity to enhance the learning experience. School officials report that these facilities aim to provide students with resources beyond traditional learning materials.

Crisanto M. Gudia, the school’s administrator, leads efforts to attain national secondary school recognition. The institution currently employs 14 qualified staff members.

The school’s curriculum includes extracurricular activities such as monthly feeding programs and religious services accommodating both Catholic and non-Catholic students. Regular facility inspections are conducted to maintain a conducive learning environment.

Gudia emphasized ongoing collaborations with various stakeholders and private institutions to support the school’s development.

School authorities are calling on local residents to enroll their children, framing the institution as a source of community pride. They stressed that community support through enrollment is crucial for the school’s growth and sustainability.

Classes are set to begin for Grades 7, 8, and the newly added Grade 9. School officials expressed hope for strong enrollment numbers, viewing it as a step towards realizing their vision for expanded educational opportunities in Buenavista.