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San Miguel Mayor Addresses Concerns Over Delayed Typhoon Odette Relief Funds

San Miguel, Bohol – Mayor Ian Gil Mendez of San Miguel, Bohol, has addressed growing concerns among his constituents regarding the distribution of relief funds for victims of Typhoon Odette. In a detailed social media post, the mayor sought to clarify misconceptions and provide transparency about the status of the 10,000-peso aid promised to affected residents.

Mayor Mendez refuted claims that the local government unit (LGU) has already received the funds, stating, “The 21 million pesos allocated for 2,178 totally damaged houses is still with the National Housing Authority’s (NHA) Central Office.” He explained that San Miguel is 35th in line among 48 LGUs set to receive assistance.

Addressing the delay, Mendez cited information from the NHA, pointing to staffing shortages and a high volume of beneficiaries across Bohol. The mayor detailed the complex process of fund release, which involves grouping LGUs and a 3-4 week liquidation period at the central office.

Responding to accusations of selectivity in aid distribution, Mendez clarified that specific criteria determined by national authorities govern the allocation of funds. “While I believe everyone deserves assistance as we were all affected, we must follow the mandates set for this national fund,” the mayor stated.

For those not included in the initial aid list, Mendez highlighted alternative support channels, including prioritization in local TUPAD and SLP programs, as well as other nationally-funded initiatives.

The mayor encouraged constituents seeking further clarification to visit the office in charge of releasing funds at the Old Capitol in Tagbilaran City. He reassured residents that San Miguel ranks among the top 13 municipalities in Bohol in terms of allocated budget for Typhoon Odette relief.

Concluding his statement, Mayor Mendez called for patience and understanding, emphasizing ongoing efforts to secure and distribute aid as swiftly as possible to those with totally damaged properties.