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Former Tagbilaran Mayor Announces Congressional Bid

Former Tagbilaran City Mayor Baba Yap has officially declared his candidacy for congressman of Bohol’s first district.

The announcement was made before an assembly of local leaders, including 14 barangay captains and 97 of 105 barangay councillors, as well as 265 purok and ward leaders from 15 city barangays. Mr Yap accepted their endorsement during the event.

Notably absent was Cogon Barangay Captain Genison Balbin, known to be a supporter of Councillor Atoy Torralba. Mr Torralba is rumoured to be a potential rival to Mayor Jane Yap, the wife of the congressional aspirant, in the upcoming mayoral race.

The gathering also marked the formal recognition of Booy Barangay Captain Jun Telmo as a new member of Team Asenso Pa More. Mr Telmo was the last remaining ally of former Mayor Dan Lim to join the administration group.

In his acceptance speech, Mr Yap expressed his desire to extend the progress experienced in Tagbilaran to all municipalities in Bohol’s first district.

The event also saw the presentation of the city’s political lineup, led by Mayor Jane Yap and Vice Mayor Adam Jala. New additions to the Yap-Jala team include former Councillor Dodong Gonzaga and Merick Blanco, son of ex-captain Taran Blanco of Mansasa, along with returning councillor Edi Borja.

Mayor Jane Yap highlighted the administration’s accomplishments, stating, “We’ve seen ‘actions, not just promises’. No one says ‘I wish I were in Tagbilaran’ anymore because now it’s ‘progress for more of Bohol’s first district’.”

Vice Mayor Jala emphasised the importance of having a Tagbilaran native as congressman, noting that the city has long been without representation in the first district.

The political gathering signals the start of what is likely to be a closely watched electoral contest in Bohol’s first district.