Anthony Damalerio Defends PDRRMO from Aumentado’s Tirade

The chief of the Provincial Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office (PDRRMO), Dr. Anthony Damalerio, has spoken out against the accusations made by Gov. Erico Aristotle Aumentado on social media, where the latter claimed that some Capitol employees were working with his online critics.

In a radio interview on January 31, 2024, Damalerio said he was surprised and hurt by Aumentado’s post, which mentioned the PDRRMO as one of the offices where the alleged bashers were employed. 

He said he had always been supportive of Aumentado since the latter won the 2022 gubernatorial elections, and that his office had never been involved in any political issues.

Damalerio said the PDRRMO was focused on its mandate to respond to emergencies and disasters that happen in Bohol, and that it had received recognition and support from Aumentado, including the Gawad Kalasag award. 

He said his office was neutral and apolitical, and that none of his personnel had posted anything derogatory against the governor.

He also said he followed the civil service rules to be apolitical, even though his younger brother, Aldner, is an incumbent provincial board member in the First District of Bohol

He said he respected Aumentado as the governor and as a person, and that he hoped to clear the misunderstanding with him.

Aumentado, on the other hand, had posted a scathing message on his verified Facebook account on January 30, 2024, where he named and shamed several online accounts that he said were bashing him and his administration. 

Aumentado said that some of these accounts were linked to people working in various Capitol offices, including the PDRRMO, PGSO, PHO, PACCO, GO, CAD, PIMO, HR, and GO. 

The governor warned them that he would expose them and build a new Capitol for them on an island.

Bohol media outlets revisited Aumentado’s Facebook account and could no longer find the controversial post. 

It is possible that the post had been deleted. 

However, a screenshot of the post remains in one of the accounts that Aumentado had singled out as his basher.

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