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Girl Rescued from Tubang Cave in Antequera, Bohol; Brother Dies in Tragic Incident

ANTEQUERA, BOHOL — A tragic incident unfolded on Friday, June 28, 2024, when three children ventured into Tubang Cave and Spring. The incident, which occurred around 5 p.m., resulted in the death of one man while his sister was successfully rescued.

Two boys managed to exit the cave around 8 p.m., after entering at 6 p.m. They were found struggling to breathe and were immediately taken to Gallares Hospital.

Rescue teams, including coast guard scuba divers, arrived at the scene around 10 p.m. After three attempts, they successfully rescued the last child trapped in the cave. The rescue was delayed due to the child’s fear of water.

At 1 a.m., the rescuers managed to bring out the girl who had remained in the cave. She was carefully assisted by the rescuers to ensure her safety. After eight hours of rescue efforts, she was taken to the hospital, weakened by the cold inside the cave.

“We are deeply grateful to the rescuers who did not give up, even with only one oxygen tank left. Thank you for your heroic actions,” a local official said.

Thanks were also extended to the RHU, Alert Team, BFP, PNP, and Red Cross Bohol for their support in the rescue operation.

However, the incident took a tragic turn before the rescuers arrived. The older brother of the girl, concerned for his sister’s safety, risked his life to save her. Despite being familiar with the cave’s terrain, he ran out of breath and died in the attempt.

The PNP and BFP assisted him by tying a rope around his body and giving him instructions. The girl, a minor, recounted that her brother tried to pull her out but ran out of breath, causing him to return to the surface.

He was found lifeless after four minutes inside the cave. Despite CPR efforts by the PNP, Alert Team, and BFP, he was declared dead on arrival at the hospital.

“Our condolences to the Quiros family,” the official added.

The local government of Antequera assured the proper handling of the victim’s body.

In response to the incident, a resolution will be pushed in the Sangguniang Bayan to temporarily or permanently ban children from swimming in Tubang Cave and Spring.