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Bohol Governor Balite’s Brod Lambasts Vice-Gov. Baja Over Palabra de Honor Issue

In a recent Bohol Times column by Atty. Salva Diputado, brother-in-law of Bohol Acting Governor Victor Balite, Bohol Acting Vice Governor Tita Baja has come under fire for purportedly reneging on a previous agreement made before she assumed her temporary position. 

The agreement, presided over by the suspended governor Aris Aumentado, stipulated that no personnel changes would occur during the six-month hiatus, as the governor was expected to return to his seat.

Diputado recounts, “A story is told about a board member who became the acting vice governor… all by operation of law, and not really by election.” 

He continues, “But as soon as she gets her first baptismal as acting vice governor that fateful Monday morning, things changed drastically in her mental faculty.”

The acting vice governor (Baja) reportedly sought to make personnel changes in her office, desiring her own chief of staff and office trimmings. 

This move has sparked a wave of backlash, with Diputado noting, “Naturally, that plan triggered a tsunami of violent reactions, surprises and a ton-load of tsismis.”

Critics have questioned her ability to honor commitments, with one quoted as saying, “Naunsa man na siya nga aduna man untay sabot nga walay pulihay,” which translates to “What happened to her when there was an agreement of no replacements?”

Diputado offers his diagnosis: “She must have thought that the agreement was just that, a mere agreement and no binding effect and she can just forget and ignore it.” 

Diputado suggests that her actions reflect poorly on her reliability and loyalty to the governor.

The column further questions Baja’s political future: “If she cannot support the governor, especially now when it is badly needed, is she still deserving of the corresponding support from the governor comes the 2025 elections? Ngutana lang,” which translates to “Just asking.”

Diputado also reflects on the nature of true friendship in politics: “The true measure of a real friend is revealed during times of adversity… Pero duna sab uban nga imbes motabang, motalikod na hinuon panahon nga gikinahanglan kini,” meaning “But there are others who instead of helping, turn their backs when needed.”

The allegations against Baja have stirred debate on loyalty and integrity among political allies of Gov. Aumentado, reports said.