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Loon to impose parking fees at port area starting March 1, 2024

The Local Government Unit (LGU) of Loon, Bohol announced that it will start collecting parking fees from all vehicles that will park at the Loon Port Road and Loon Port Parking Area outside the Loon International Cruise Ship Port, Catagbacan Norte, Loon, Bohol. The parking fees are based on the Municipal Ordinance No. 23-009, Series of 2023, Chapter III, Article FF, Section 3FF.10,C,C.1,C.2,C.3.

The parking fees for the first four hours are as follows:

| Vehicle Type | Parking Fee |

| Private motorcycle | P5.00 |

| Motorcycle for hire | P10.00 |

| Private tricycle | P10.00 |

| Tricycle for hire | P10.00 |

| Private four-wheel vehicle | P15.00 |

| Multicab for hire | P20.00 |

| Taxi, jeepney for hire | P25.00 |

| 4-wheel delivery panel, 4-wheel cargo truck, passenger bus, 6-wheeler | P60.00 |

| Van for hire, coaster | P50.00 |

| 8-wheeler cargo vehicle | P100.00 |

| 10-wheeler and above cargo vehicle | P100.00 |

| Tourist bus | P80.00 |

| More than 4-wheel private vehicle | P30.00 |

| Heavy equipment such as bulldozer, backhoe, grader, road roller, road hauler, payloader, etc. | P100.00 |

There is an additional charge of P20.00 for every succeeding hour of parking for all 4-wheel vehicles and heavy equipment.

Government vehicles are exempted from paying the toll fee and parking fee.

The LGU also urged the owners to secure their vehicles while parked to ensure that no valuable items are lost. The LGU will not be liable for any damage or loss of items inside the parked vehicles.

The LGU said that the parking fees are intended to regulate the traffic and parking situation at the port area, which is being developed as a cruise tourism destination. The Loon International Cruise Ship Port is part of the Strong Republic Nautical Highway (SRNH) program of the Philippine Government, which aims to connect the islands of the country through sea travel.