Bohol Provincial Government grants cash aid to Sevilla and barangays

On Feb. 5, 2024 the Bohol Provincial Government, headed by Gov. Aris Aumentado, visited Sevilla to distribute cash assistance for various projects.

Sevilla Mayor Juliet Dano welcomed the delegation and received P5 million for the improvement of the town’s primary care facility and the procurement of medicines.

The Provincial Government also granted P500,000 to Barangay Guinob-an for the installation of solar-led streetlights in their zone centers. Barangays Ewon and Calinginan Sur each received P200,000 for the construction of septic tanks and barangay roads.

The cash assistance was funded by the offices of board members Tita Baja, Nathaniel Binlod, and Greg Jala, who expressed their support for the development of resilient communities through infrastructure and utilities.

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