Water Dispute Between LGU-Cortes and Richli Corporation Remains Unresolved

A local radio program, DYTR, has reported that the conflict between the local government unit (LGU) of Cortes or one of its offices and Richli Corporation, a water company, has not been settled yet.

The dispute is related to Richli’s plan to extract water from Ohan Spring in Cortes for its water business. LGU-Cortes has opposed this plan, citing environmental and social concerns.

However, Richli’s agent, Willy Ramasola, has allegedly been pressuring and intimidating LGU-Cortes officials to approve the plan. 

Ramasola has also been accused of being disrespectful and rude to the LGU-Balilihan officials, who have rejected Richli’s proposal in their town.

Meanwhile, another DYTR program hosted by Sen Guingguing revealed that some areas in Cortes are facing water shortages and difficulties. 

Guingguing questioned why Richli is taking water from Cortes and selling it outside the town, while some barangays in Cortes are suffering from water problems.

The water dispute between LGU-Cortes and Richli Corporation has sparked public outrage and calls for action from the provincial and national authorities

Residents of Cortes and Balilihan have also expressed their support and solidarity for their LGUs in defending their water resources.

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