Police Release Emmanuel “Willy” Ramasola from QC Jail After Posting Bail

Emmanuel “Willy” Ramasola, a social media critic and member of the Office of Governance Accountability and Review (OGAR) of Gov. Aris Aumentado, has posted bail for three counts of libel filed against him by former Bohol Governor Edgar Chatto.

The release from PNP lock-up jail in Quezon City was not a scene without drama as Ramasola was reportedly crying in front of the arresting police officers.

Makati News reports said Ramasola came out of hiding after the court acceted his appeal to reduce the amount of bail for the cyberlibel cases filed against him by Bohol First District Rep. Edgar Migriño Chatto.

Ramasola, who is also facing multiple cyber libel charges from other complainants, said he was surprised by the issuance of a warrant of arrest last Tuesday, as he was preparing to file a motion for reconsideration for the case.

Emmanuel Bongcac “Willy” Ramasola has been tagged by the Philippine National Police (PNP) as “Cybercrime Cyberlibel Model in the Philippines” (huwag tularan)

In a statement posted on Facebook, Ramasola said he was not given the usual ten days to file the motion, and that the case information was forwarded to the court without waiting for his response.

Ramasola, president of Rotary Club of Downtown San Juan in Metro Manila, also said he was not ready to surrender, as he had to secure several documents and requirements for his bail, such as a copy of the information, a copy of the warrant, a barangay clearance, pictures, and a motion to bail.

He added that he filed a motion to reduce the bail, which was granted on Thursday, but he was not able to process it until Friday due to some issues.

He denied that he was in hiding, saying he still attended meetings and went to a mall, but he did not sleep at home because police and CIDG were stationed in his office and condo.

Ramasola said he felt that he was being trailed by the police, especially when he checked out from a hotel on Friday morning and saw someone who looked like a police or agent.

He said he confirmed his suspicion when he went to visit a church and was asked to go to court to present himself. 

Ramasola said he noticed a white car following him while he was driving to Quezon City Hall of Justice.

He said he arrived at the court with all the documents ready, and he signed and put his fingerprints on them. He said he submitted 2×2 pictures, so there was no police mugshot.

He said the judge did not issue a release order, because he was not detained, noting it was only an order to accept the bail and set aside the warrant.

He said he had a friendly chat with an NBI agent who was also at the court.

He said he felt blessed after posting bail, and thanked his lawyers and supporters for their help.

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