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PACEM Fathers Celebrate 25 Years of Priestly Service

The first batch of PACEM Fathers, a missionary group of Filipino priests, marked their 25th anniversary of ordination on April 14, 2023. Bishop Alberto “Abet” Uy of Tagbilaran, who ordained them in 1998, congratulated them on their silver jubilee and praised their contributions to the Church and society.

In a Facebook post, Bishop Uy expressed his joy and gratitude to the five PACEM Fathers: Edgar Boglosa, Manuelito Bontia, Raul Dumadag, Alexander Quioco, and Teodoro Mamalias. He said they answered the call to serve God and His people as priests, and dedicated their lives to spreading the love and teachings of Jesus Christ.

He also commended their journey as the first PACEM missionaries, which he described as an inspiring testament to unwavering faith, selfless dedication, and steadfast commitment. He said they have tirelessly served as model servants of the community, embodying the virtues of compassion, humility, and love for all those entrusted to their care.

Bishop Uy offered his prayers of thanksgiving for the countless blessings that have graced their ministry, and asked God to continue to guide and strengthen them in their sacred calling. He also expressed his profound gratitude to all PACEM missionaries headed by Father Joel Aquino, their servant-general, for their exemplary service and unwavering commitment to the Gospel. He said their lives stand as a shining testimony to the transformative power of God’s love and grace.

He added that he was sure that their founder, Father Leonardo Polinar, who died in 2019, was smiling in heaven and proud of them. He invoked the love of Christ, the guidance of the Holy Spirit, and the intercession of the Blessed Mother Mary to accompany them always as they continue to serve as faithful and dedicated shepherds of God’s flock.

The PACEM Fathers, which stands for Priests for the Advancement of the Church in the Evangelization of the Modern World, is a missionary group of diocesan priests from the Philippines. They were founded by Father Polinar in 1997, with the vision of forming priests who are committed to the new evangelization and the social transformation of the world. They have missions in various countries, such as Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, Thailand, Myanmar, and Vietnam.