Interview with Corella, Bohol Police Chief and PCR PNCO

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Corella, Bohol – The chief of police of the town of Corella, PCPT Nelson D. Lodripas, and his partner, PCR PNCO PSMS Al Noel G. Felecia, were the guests of the radio show “Wala jud Anganga” hosted by Ardy Batoy on Friday morning.

The two police officers shared their personal and professional backgrounds, as well as their roles and responsibilities in the community.

PCPT Lodripas said he was from Canmag Loon, Bohol, and that he studied criminology at the University of Cebu main campus. He said he became a police officer by the grace of the Lord and that he had been in service for 15 years. He also revealed that he was married and had two children.

PCR PNCO Felecia said he was a native of Guindolman, Bohol, and that he met his wife, who was from Sikatuna, while working as a police officer. He said he felt a mixture of nervousness, fear, happiness, and excitement to be on the radio show. He also said that his father was also a police officer who retired in 2001, and that he followed his footsteps. He said he studied criminology and political science at the University of Bohol, and that his dream was to be a police officer, and possibly a lawyer.

The two also explained the meaning of PCR PNCO, which stands for Police Community Relations PNCO. They said it was related to PCADU, which stands for Provincial Community Affairs and Development Unit. They said their main task was to establish and maintain good relations between the police and the public.

They also said they had been assigned to Corella for eight months and that they had plans to undergo further training and education to enhance their skills and knowledge as police officers. They also said that the recent elections in Corella were peaceful and orderly, and that they were preparing for the safe Undas 2023. They also said that there were no formal complaints or reports of election-related violations, such as vote-buying or liquor ban, in their area.

The two also discussed the issue of illegal drugs and traffic accidents in Corella. They said they were conducting regular monitoring and case build-up against drug personalities, and that they had made some arrests. They also said that most of the traffic accidents in their area involved motorcycles, and that some of the drivers were positive for alcohol breath. They said that one of the causes of the accidents was the narrow and congested road, especially towards Balilihan, where there were also delivery trucks that sometimes blocked the way.

The two also shared their initiatives to bring the PNP closer to the community, such as giving out food packs every week from their own pockets to the less fortunate people. They said they were doing this to win the hearts of the people and to make them feel that the police cared for them. They said they were inspired by their chief, PCPT Lodripas, and by the Good Cop program introduced by PLC NORMAN NUEZ, their PCADU chief and mentor. They also said they were grateful to President Duterte for raising their salary, and that they were willing to share a little bit of their blessings to the community.

The two also talked about the challenges and trials they faced as police officers, such as balancing their work and family life, being brave and compassionate, and staying true to their duty to serve and protect. They said they were still human and that they had emotions and feelings. They also said they were undergoing regular refresher courses and seminars to remind them of their role and responsibility as police officers. They also shared some of their experiences and stories, such as holding a woman’s hand who turned out to be dead, and how they learned from their history of employment. They also said that they had a tragic incident where they carried a man on their leg to the hospital, but he vomited and died suddenly.

The radio show host, Ardy Batoy, praised the two for their dedication and service to the people of Corella. She also thanked them for sharing their stories and insights on the radio show. She also said that she was proud of her late grandfather, who was the chief of police of Dauis and a friend of Dauisanos Ecedoro Araneta. She also said that she used to teach communication skills to police officers in Manila, and that she would like to teach them as well. She also said that she was an editorial writer of The Bohol Tribune, and that she would encourage PCR PNCO Felecia to pursue law studies with the help of attorney Greg Austral, the dean of the College of Law at the University of Bohol.

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