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Bohol Bags 33 Medals in National Games

The Bohol delegation made a remarkable performance in the 2023 Batang Pinoy and Philippine National Games, bringing home 33 medals from various sports events. This is a significant improvement from last year’s 13 medals, showing the province’s dedication and excellence in sports development.

The Batang Pinoy and Philippine National Games are annual multi-sport events that showcase the talents and skills of young Filipino athletes from different regions.

The Bohol delegation consisted of 120 athletes, 30 coaches, and 10 officials who competed in 15 sports disciplines, such as athletics, swimming, boxing, taekwondo, chess, badminton, and basketball. The delegation was supported by the Provincial Youth Development Office (PYDO), the Provincial Sports Development Office (PSDO), and the local government units (LGUs) of Bohol.

Among the medalists were Mary Joy Tabal, who won gold in the women’s marathon, John Paul Yap, who won silver in the men’s 3×3 basketball, and Jessa Mae Gabasa, who won bronze in the women’s golf. The full list of medalists can be found on the PYDO’s official Facebook page.

The provincial government of Bohol congratulated the delegation for their outstanding achievement and thanked them for bringing honor and pride to the province.

Governor Aris Aumentado said that the medals were a testament to the hard work and passion of the Boholano athletes and their coaches. He also said that the province would continue to support and nurture the sports development of the youth.

The delegation was welcomed by a motorcade and a thanksgiving program upon their arrival in Bohol. They also received cash incentives and certificates of recognition from the provincial government.

The Bohol delegation also expressed their gratitude to the provincial government, the LGUs, the PYDO, the PSDO, and the Boholano people for their support and encouragement. They also dedicated their medals to Bohol and all Boholanos, saying that they were proud to represent their province in the national games.

The Bohol delegation also vowed to train harder and aim higher for the next edition of the Batang Pinoy and Philippine National Games in 2024.