Buenavista Community College Shines in Teacher Licensure Exam

Buenavista, Bohol – The Buenavista Community College (BCC) has achieved impressive results in the Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET) held in September 2023, surpassing the national average in both elementary and secondary levels.

According to the Facebook post by Buenavista Mayor Dave Duallo, the BCC passers of the Bachelor of Elementary Education (BEED) had an 86.36% passing rate for first takers and 16.67% for repeaters, resulting in a 71.43% overall performance. This is significantly higher than the 47.01% national passing rate for the BEED level.

Similarly, the BCC passers of the secondary level had a 74.12% passing rate for first takers and 72.73% for repeaters, resulting in a 73.83% overall performance. This is also above the 56.27% national passing rate for the secondary level.

Mayor Duallo congratulated all the BCC passers and thanked the BCC President Analiza Chua, the BCC Board of Trustees, the school officials, deans, faculty and staff for their hard work and dedication. He also expressed his pride and gratitude to the BCC for making Buenavista a center of excellence in education.

“Soar high BCC! To God be the Glory!” Mayor Duallo wrote in his post, which received hundreds of likes, comments and shares from the netizens.

The BCC is a local college established in 2009 by the municipal government of Buenavista to provide quality and affordable education to the residents of the town and nearby areas. It offers various programs such as education, criminology, agriculture, information technology and hospitality management.

The LET is a national examination administered by the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) to assess the competency of aspiring teachers in the Philippines. It is usually held twice a year, in March and September, and covers general education, professional education and major subjects. The passing rate for the LET varies depending on the level and the number of examinees.

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