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Inabanga Mayor Urges Residents to Fight Dengue Amid Rising Cases

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Inabanga, Bohol – Mayor Jono Jumamoy of Inabanga town has issued a statement, urging town residents to take preventive measures against dengue fever as the number of cases continues to increase in the municipality.

According to the Inabanga Municipal Health Office, there have been several cases of dengue reported in different barangays, especially in areas where mosquito breeding sites are abundant. 

MHO has been conducting dengue awareness campaigns and dengue entomological surveys to educate the public and monitor the situation.

Mayor Jumamoy reminded the residents to follow the 5S strategy against dengue and other mosquito-borne diseases, which are:

– Search and destroy mosquito breeding sites

– Self-protection measures

– Seek early consultation

– Support fogging in outbreak areas

– Sustain hydration

He also emphasized that without mosquitoes, there would be no dengue. 

Jumamoy appealed to the residents to cooperate with the local authorities and health workers in keeping their surroundings clean and eliminating potential mosquito habitats.

He said that a strong body is the most important thing for the people to continue their daily life, and that the local government is doing its best to provide assistance and support to those affected by dengue.

Mayor Jumamoy also thanked the provincial government and the Department of Health for their continuous assistance and guidance in addressing the dengue problem in Inabanga.

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