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Chatto Slams Fake News, Defends Joint Venture Agreement

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Bohol First District Rep. Edgar Chatto has issued a statement to counter the false information posted by Willy Ramasola alleging that the province’s joint venture agreement has caused the October 1, 2023 brownout in Bohol. 

He said that the joint venture has been beneficial for everyone for many years and has nothing to do with yesterday’s power outage.

According to Chatto, the brownout was due to the maintenance requirements of the National Grid Corporation of the Philippines (NGCP), which operates the Leyte-Bohol Power Interconnection that supplies electricity to Bohol. 

He said that this problem will be solved once the Cebu-Bohol Power Interconnection Project, which he initiated when he was the governor and the Regional Development Council (RDC) chairman, is completed by next year or 2024.

The Cebu-Bohol Power Interconnection Project will connect Bohol to the power supply loop of Cebu and Leyte, and will enable Bohol to sell its excess electricity to the Wholesale Electricity Spot Market (WESM). 

This will also attract more power investors to invest in power generation projects in Bohol, Chatto said.

He added that another project that he spearheaded, the One Bohol Power, will ensure the power supply in Bohol in case there are problems with the power interconnections in Leyte and Cebu. 

The One Bohol Power is a land-based power project that involves the three distribution utilities in Bohol: BOHECO 1, BOHECO 2 and BLCI.

Chatto urged the public to ignore the fake news and misinformation that are being spread by some people who have ulterior motives. 

He said that he will continue to work hard to improve the power situation in Bohol and to serve the best interests of his constituents.

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