Sun. May 19th, 2024

Former Bohol Governor Art Yap Denounces “Baseless” Plunder Case

Former Bohol Governor Art Yap has denounced the “baseless” plunder case filed against him by the Provincial Government, calling it a “persecution” and an attempt to “destroy” his name.

In a statement, Yap said that the case was filed without any evidence and that it was clear that the Aumentado Government was more interested in pursuing him than in serving the people of Bohol.

“No case has as yet been filed against me and already the Bohol Chronicle, an extension of the Provincial Government, trumpets I have been charged with plunder,” Yap said. “The Bohol Chronicle operates under the protection of the Constitution and yet, it does so by trampling on my civil rights: my right to be heard, to due process, and to be presumed innocent until proven guilty.”

Yap said that the Aumentado Government had been persecuting him ever since it took office, and that the plunder case was just the latest attempt to destroy his reputation.

“When the Aumentado Government took over Bohol, the first official act it made was to create OGAR,” Yap said. “A body to persecute me. It was a sign of what the Provincial Government was going to devote itself to. Not uplifting the lives of our people. But focus on my persecution instead. Ensuring my name is destroyed in Bohol to prevent me from ever returning to serve Bohol and to quench the bitter lust for revenge of a few.”

Yap said that he would defend himself against the baseless charges, but that he was more concerned about the damage that the Aumentado Government was doing to the people of Bohol.

“We elect leaders so they can do their best,” Yap said.

“The Aumentado Government instead, is doing its worst. Along the way it is insulting the people. Instead of meaningful projects, they are focusing on Facebook and sound-bites: apparently, in their eyes, that is all the Bolanon is worth.”

Yap urged the people of Bohol to “weep” for their province, saying that the Aumentado Government was “destroying” the province and its people.

The plunder case against Yap is the latest in a series of controversies involving the Aumentado Government.

In recent months, the government has been criticized for its handling of rampant crimes in Bohol, its spending habits, and its alleged corruption.

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